A Good Wick
written by Alex Singer, illustrations by Jayd Aït-Kaci,
coding by Chyden Acar & Jayd Aït-Kaci


In a junction where the
roads met on a flat lake, there was
once a town called Pyre-on-the-Water,
which experienced a thousand nights
and no daylight between.

We say there was once a town
called Pyre-on-the-Water, because
no such town exists there now.

It disappeared in a single night,
leaving nothing but dust and bramble,
and here we will try to uncover how
this came to pass.

  • Absolutely free to play!

    You can, however, purchase a downloadable package by via the DONATE page, which includes: the twine game archive, pdf of the text and making-of commentary, and all the art of the game.

  • We recommend playing at fullscreen in a dark room for the best immersive experience.

  • For player discretion on content warnings, please click on WARNINGS on the title screen before playing.

  • Playthrough averages 30-40 minutes, per route.

  • There are two story branches, and a hidden third ending.

  • Third ending hint: “Be honest, and look between the lines at the end.”

  • Please enjoy.
NOTES: Very special thanks to Ariana Maher for typography help, and Fawn Lau for pdf design!

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